Below is a list of programs we offer in tennis and platform.  All lessons take place at our Community Park Tennis Center and are conducted during the school year. For registration information, please check our home page during the seasons listed in each article below. Please call the Recreation and Parks Administrative Office for any questions at (516) 465-4075.

Youth Winter Tennis Lessons
Registration will is underway for our Youth Winter Tennis Lessons.
Lessons will begin in January and will take place at the Community Park Tennis Center. 

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Youth Lessons

Tots Tennis - Ages 4-5 and PeeWee Tennis  - Ages 5 to 7  This level of  tennis for the little player is a basic introduction to tennis, emphasizing basic movement and striking skills in a fun environment.  Tennis rackets are provided for this age group.

Novice - Ages 6 to 7   Continued development of basic movement and striking skills on a full size court.  Serving and scorekeeping will be introduced.  Past Tennis experience required.

Junior - Ages 8 to 11   Extension of Novice Level program.  Continued emphasis on striking concepts, movement, and skills related to tennis play

Junior Advanced - Ages 8 to 11 For the more serious, more advanced students.  These lessons are offered in 1 1/2 hr time slots.  Experience required.  

Senior - Ages 12 and older - Extension of Junior Program, continued emphasis on fundamentals and skills related to tennis play. Also fine for the beginner older student who wants to learn how to play tennis.

Senior Advanced - Ages 12 and older - For the more serious, more advanced student.  These lessons are offered in 1 1/2 hour time slots.  Experience required.          

Ultimate Workout - For experienced Junior and Senior Level Tennis Players who want to "hone" their skills and get a good workout.

Adult Tennis Programs

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Adult Tennis Lesson Program
The Department of Recreation and Parks offers a wide variety of lessons tailored to the needs of the Garden City Adult community. This program is open to adults 18 years of age and up who are residents of the Inc. Village of Garden City.  In order to create sessions geared to the preferences and skills of residents, our head pros will group people on the same abilities together according to the registrations they receive.   

Our department offers two 10 week sessions, one beginning in October and one beginning in January.  We also offer three Summer sessions in shorter intervals so participants can enjoy a lesson but still plan a summer vacation!

The Garden City Department of Recreation and Parks will conduct evening tennis lessons for adults who are residents of the Inc. Village of Garden City at the Community Park Tennis Facility.  The lessons will run for one hour each week in three sessions during the spring/summer months.  The registrant has a choice of a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday class and a choice of time.  There will be a maximum of four players per court.  

Tennis Ultimate Workout for Adults 
We also offer a tennis workout program at Community Park Tennis Facility that drills experienced tennis players.  This 1 ½ hour class is available on Saturday mornings at 10 am at a cost of $249.  The program runs for nine weeks.  To register for this great workout, please visit the Recreation Office at 108 Rockaway Ave.  Payment must accompany registration. 

Ladies Beginner and Advanced Beginner Platform Tennis Program
All beginners and advanced beginners are invited to attend and learn the basics of Platform Tennis.  The hour and a half lesson and game play will be conducted for seven weeks in the winter months. For further information on this program please call the Community Park Office at (516) 483-2525.

Ladies Tennis League

Applications for the 2017-18 Ladies Tennis League are now available. We offer a variety of skill level leagues that take place during the week. Whether you are a new player or current player there is a league for you! Applications must be completely filled out for current and new players! 

Players Needed...New players are always welcome
Our 25 week season that begins in late September and concludes in early May is now underway. The cost is $550 for the doubles leagues and $550 for the singles leagues. This cost will be prorated for missed weeks.  Full and Half shares are available. All matches are at the Community Park Tennis.

The leagues are a terrific way to meet new people and get some exercise during the winter doldrums, so why not join the fun!

The Department of Recreation and Parks is happy to announce the return of our Women’s 3.5-4.0 Women’s Doubles Tennis League.  The league will take place on Wednesday afternoons from 12:30pm – 2:00pm.  All interested participants MUST try out with one of our pro’s with no exceptions. We ask all players wishing to join the league to please call Tom McGerty at the Community Park Clubhouse (483-2525) to book a try out date and time. Why play competitive tennis anywhere else but in your hometown!
If you have any questions please call Tom McGerty at the Community Park Office for further information at (516) 483-2525.

Tennis / Platform Tennis Programs

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