Garden City Department of Recreation and Parks

Our Senior Center is located behind Lord and Taylor's parking lot on Golf Club Lane.  The newly renovated Center has been enlarged to accommodate both senior groups and all senior programs the Department of Recreation and Parks is offering.

Some of the many programs offered to senior residents ages 60 and older are Chair exercise, TaiChi, Meditation, Yoga, Games days, speakers, lunches, and much more!  Please check our senior events page for our monthly calendar and all our offerings.

The Senior Center Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4:30 pm and Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm. The Senior Center can be reached by calling 516-385-8006. 

The Senior Center Guidelines for Use

  • Any Village resident aged 60 or older may visit the Center.  Upon entering the building, the resident will be asked to sign in using name, address, and phone number.  Proof of age and residency may be requested upon entering.
  • A senior resident may bring a guest.  The guest must accompany the resident and may not stay if the resident leaves.  Guests may not attend special senior events.
  • Senior groups using the building to meet will provide a list of their members to help facilitate sign-ins.
  • The Senior Center is a co-ed facility and is open to all senior residents during operating hours.  Senior and other group meetings will be scheduled in conjunction with planned activities and normal drop in visitor use. All activities will be monitored by the recreation staff who will enforce all operational rules and guidelines.                                       
  • Anyone using the facility must clean up before they exit the building.  Please help us to keep the building clean.
  • Any person who has been previously banned from another Village building may not enter the Center.

The following senior groups also meet at The Senior Center during the week. To join any of these groups, please call the number listed below:

Retired Men’s Club                                                248-9022

Senior Women’s Club                                            248-2458

Grandmother’s Club                                             486-0396

Senior Duplicate Bridge  (evening group)              248-7538                  

Duplicate Bridge  (evening group)                        248-2189

American Legion                                                  739-3565

The Senior Center - "A Community Resource"