Garden City Department of Recreation and Parks

Long Island, New York 


Long Island, New York


Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are held in St. Paul’s Cluett Hall and are offered for both children and adults.  Our certified yoga instructor, Connie McKnight, gears our classes to every ability level.  Both day and evening classes are available.  Comfortable clothes and a yoga mat are needed to participate.   

Yoga classes with Connie McKnight usually follow the schedule below:

Mondays            7:30 p.m.                           

Wednesdays      10:15 a.m. 
Wednesdays      9:00 a.m. (for beginners)
Click here for an application    
Classes begin in April.    

Our fall program is open to adults who are residents of the Inc. Village of Garden City.   The class is geared towards the average person.  Please make sure to bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes.  For information on upcoming classes, please visit the Recreation and Parks Office at 108 Rockaway Ave.

Connie McKnight, our certified yoga instructor, has designed our youth yoga classes with all ages in mind.  Classes are open to all residents ages 6 - 14. Each class is 55 minutes long. Any resident of the Village in this age group is invited to join these relaxing classes.  Weekly classes will are held during the school year and a week long yoga camp is held in August.  For further information please visit the Recreation and Parks Office at 108 Rockaway Avenue.


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